Medical Assistant

Occupational Associate Degree

The Medical Assistant Program offers great courses to students who have a passion to help others. While in the program, you will be taking classes that teach you about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, reproductive system, urinary system, diseases, disorders, treatments, cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system, and diagnostic tests for those systems. You will learn how to prepare patients for physical exams, the precautions, sterile and aseptic techniques, specimen collection, and vital signs, all of which the program covers through labs and demonstrations. You will also do hands on training on things such as; taking vitals, first aid, ECG use, injections, finger sticks and blood draws. The program includes an externship to obtain real-world experience.  After completion of the program you could take many different career paths to work in a physician’s office, hospitals, and many other health care facilities. There are many career choices out there in the medical field for people that genuinely enjoy helping others.

Graduates qualify to sit for the National Center for Competency Testing ( Medical Assistant Exam.

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