Transfer of Credits

Transfer-in Credits

When a student transfers to MSC, credit is given (if accepted) for comparable program credits received at accredited institutions after review by the President and Program Director. A syllabus from the previous institution may be required. Transfer-In credits are counted as attempted credits and the maximum time frame for program completion will be affected.

Transfer of Credits to Other Colleges

The College neither implies nor guarantees that other institutions will accept credits completed at Mountain State College. Each institution has policies which govern the acceptance of credit from other institutions. Rules and grade requirements vary from school to school. Transfer of credit is a privilege granted by the institution to which a student may seek admission. If the student anticipates a transfer of credits earned at Mountain State College, the student should have already inquired of those institutions from which recognition of academic work at Mountain State College will be sought and independently determine if the program or courses will be accepted by those other institutions into which future enrollment is anticipated.

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