Student Services

Leasa Davis, Director of Student Services, works with students and graduates regarding issues that may prevent the successful completion of a program or obtaining employment.

Contact Leasa for more information.


The library is located at 501 16th Street. Students have access to a collection of book and non-book materials to supplement their class studies and to assist in research.



Faculty and staff are committed to helping students overcome problems that may prevent successful completion of the educational program. Student advisory services are available from several sources:

Instructor: The instructor is the first source of information concerning any course requirements. The College encourages students to discuss academic problems in a subject with the instructor.

Director of Student Services: The College encourages students to seek counseling and advice from the Director of Student Services when a situation arises that prevents a student from performing at maximum capacity. The Director of Student Services will schedule counseling sessions as necessary for any student with academic, attendance, or personal problems.

Tutoring: Students may request tutoring through the Director of Student Services. There are no charges for tutoring services.

Career Services

Mountain State College assists graduates with finding employment if the graduate is making a substantial, good faith effort to find employment. The graduate is still responsible to seek job openings, send resumes, prepare for job interviews, and follow College faculty and staff guidance. Graduates may expect entry-level positions; however, level and likelihood of employment obtained is dependent on the graduate’s job search efforts, dress, conduct, work ethic, and attitude. Mountain State College will prepare students educationally for employment but cannot guarantee employment.

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