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Mountain State College has been providing education to students in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding areas for 134 years. MSC prides itself on a mission statement that creates a bond between the demands of the business community and the graduates of relevant, goal-specific programs.


Albert Grant Sine founded Mountain State College in September 1888. The College was located on Market Street, just above Third Street in downtown Parkersburg. In 1901, the College moved into the second and third floors of the Camden Theater Building on Market Street. On November 30, 1929, a fire destroyed that building and the College was suddenly without a home. The College then moved to the corner of Spring and Sixteenth Streets where the administrative offices remain to this day.

Market Street Location c.1925

Sixteenth and Spring








Market Street Location c.1925 and 1508 Spring Street c.1930



509 16th Street c.1970

In 1967, the College built the ‘Tech Building’ at 509 16th Street which houses five classrooms.


Student Union c.1968 and Student Union c.2012

Shortly afterwards, the College acquired the building at 501 16th Street and converted it to the Student Union and additional classrooms. In 2017, the library was moved from the second floor of the original building to the side of the Student Union to make it more accessible to students.

In 1973, the College began one of the first Medical Assistant programs in the area. In 1975, the State of WV authorized the College to offer Associate Degrees.

In 1989, the College began development of the Dependency Disorders Technology program. Dr. Judith Huber, Director of Program Development, researched the need for the program and began speaking with professionals in the Mid-Ohio Valley and the state of West Virginia for guidance on program content. The College began enrolling students in the program in 1990.

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